Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sometimes Picky Pays Off

It seemed like I was stuck in the Magic Taxi forever, but that's what happens when you're super picky. I had almost given up hope with this chick got in the back seat. I didn't even pull away before I said "Have a nice day." Boy is she pissed there in the driver's seat.


  1. "... At first, chuckled in her sultry, alto pitch as she cussed me out. But, once I started to run my impeccably-manicured fingernails across my unfamiliar new breasts, I felt and unexpectedly familiar stirring in the lace panties covering my... "Holy-SHIT! Y-you're a- a TRA..."

    The driver burst into laughter at my shock and said, "Not any more, ASSHOLE! You are now! And better-hung than this pathetic excuse for a body. Oh, b.t.w., I'm... well, WAS an 'escort' and we're on the way to meet my client so, have fun with that!" ..."

    I'm sorry if this 'turn-of-events' is troubling, Katt, but this model's look just whispers "tranny" to me. That being said; I still wouldn't complain about having her looks or body!


  2. LMAO! I didn't see it til you mentioned it. That's such a funny twist.

    1. :-D Glad you like it twisted, dear! Here are a couple of little pieces for you, darling. I hope you like the look and that folks will follow to your place!