Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dude! You Totally Owe Me

Dude! I thought your ex GF's head was gonna explode when I started grinding on you at the club. You, like, totally owe me for rocking this body-suit tonight.

Dude, why are you staring at my tits? Dude, why am I staring at your bulging cock!?

What the fuck did you put in this drink!?

Like, whatever... I'm so fucking horny!


  1. definitely a naughty girl, she's giving him a nice view of her panties. I doubt she's going to want to take the bodysuit off after tonight.

  2. I'm wish Simone on this one -- in fact, if she's not careful, she might not even be capable of taking it off... ;)

  3. I'll agree with you both! In fact, I can sort of see the conversation (conversion?) going something like...

    "... "So, um, Dude, seein' as we're both, like- gihiggle- in a state, y'know! And since your ex saw you gettin' all-freaky with my curvy-little body -er, suit, on the dance-floor...

    I mean, bein' your date tonight has been WAY amazing! And, right now, don't care if it sounds, like, gay; But, I'm not done rockin' this body-suit, so get ready to have this body rock your world, buddy!" ..."

    Welcome aboard the TG-Blogiverse, Katt!

  4. Great minds think alike!

    "After rocking the bodysuit at the party all evening, he was soooo ready to have his friend rock the bodysuit all night. He wouldn't be disappointed."