Wednesday, April 28, 2021



John was pretty sure he was going to lose the best. His friend Steve bet that if John wore the bodysuit on the first night he would wear it for the next week, but only if he came first. John knew how hot the bodysuit was so he figure Steve would pop pretty fast. Anyway it would be easy since he wasn’t into guys. 

Five minutes riding on Steve’s cock had John worried. He could feel his body letting go to the pleasure. He was already moaning with pleasure. He tried squeezing Steve’s cock tighter with his pussy but that made him even wilder with pleasure. 

Here it comes, he thought. Then his body spasmed as the organism washed over him. 

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Morph Squad

Undercover work is dangerous. Infiltrating a criminal enterprise takes patience, hard work and, usually, crossing a few lines. The morph squad specializes in deep cover work with assumed identities. Men is always morph into women and women into men. This usually helps agents keep a mental distance between who they really are and who they are pretending to be.

When I took this assignment I was repulsed at the thought of having sex as a woman. However the more often I’m forced to do it to maintain my cover the easier it gets. I don’t even mind that the boss, Steve, likes it rough. He likes it when I fight back. He just gives it to me that much harder. Just the way I like it.  

Holy fuck!

I have to admit that I did not read the instructions on the new swap app very carefully. I uploaded my picture and then the app paired me with a bunch of people. I thought it was a dating app so I clicked on a bunch of hot girls. A little later I got a match. 

We got together that night. She was even hotter in person. When she asked if I was ready, I said “hell yeah!”  She clicked the app and told me to accept. I didn’t know what we were doing but agreed. 

The next thing I know I’m in her body and she’s in mine. She was all over me before I could think. Soon we were fucking. Amazing! I could hear the app buzzing with more matches. I can hardly wait. 

Sunday, April 11, 2021


I couldn’t believe the guy and girl in the back of my taxi were making out. He wasn’t much to look at but she was cute into him. I figured he must be rich. 

I had been driving the Magic Taxi for a month waiting for the perfect guy. Maybe I should go for the rich asshole instead. With money you can get any girl you want. I decided. 

As I looked in the mirror I said, “Have a nice day.” I meant to look at him when I said it but I couldn’t help but turn my attention to girl sucking his cock. I couldn’t believe it. 

I couldn’t believe it when I gagged on his cock either. What had I done!?!


My wife found out I was sleeping with the maid so she decided to teach me a lesson. She had a witch transform me into a woman with a very high sex drive and then invited my sleazy friend Steve to come by. He knew it was me but didn’t care. This made it even more humiliating. 

Not so bad

John and Steve flipped a coin to determine who got the male bodysuit and who was stuck with the female. John was annoyed with he got the girl. He told Steve that he would wear the suit but that he certainly wouldn’t enjoy it. 

Steve told him that he could adjust the preference settings if he wanted. That way it would not feel quite so gay. 

John decided to crank up the settings to make the experience bearable. It looks like he succeeded. Steve was pretty sure he would never have to wear the female suit after this performance by John. 

Saturday, April 10, 2021

An adventure

When I made a wish to have a more adventurous sex life I didn’t think it would involve acrobatics. I was even more surprised when the new sex life meant I would be a girl. 

It’s hard to complain though. I work as an escort and meet new guys every day. Some are hot or strong or hung and some have the complete package. It’s an adventure!

Friday, April 9, 2021


My ex girlfriend invited me to party with a couple of her friends which sounded pretty fun. I guess I forgot how I had cheated on her and then dumped her. 

Well, she decided to get revenge. She drugged me and then hired a witch to transform me into a girl. He then brought a guy to a hotel room to fuck my ass while she and her friends watched. The most humiliating part was how the guy made me moan and scream as he pounded me. My ex is truly messed up. I just hope she doesn’t leave me like this. 

Right man for the job

When John agreed to the undercover assignment with the mafia he thought he would be posing as a rising thug. Instead he was morphed into a woman who can slip into the offices as a mailroom assistant without raising suspicion. He rose quickly through the ranks to executive assistant. He told himself that the fucking and blowjobs were just part of the cover but they were also part of the thrill. He had even caught the eye of the head of the mafia family. He was definitely the right man for this job. 

Can we join?


John, Steve and a couple friends were walking off the football field after practice. “What are you up to this weekend?” John asked. 

“I’m hoping to bang three hot chicks,” replied Steve. 

“No way!” Replied John. “Can we join?”

“I think that can be arranged,” said Steve. The other guys didn’t know that he came from a family of wizards. They also didn’t know that he was going to use a spell to turn them into girls. Fortunately the sex was going to be amazing so no one complained. In fact it’s became a weekend ritual. Wanna join in?

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Focal point

The swap didn’t go exactly as planned. I paid a witch to swap my spirit into my son’s body when I died. I gave him a necklace for his birthday and asked him to always wear it. It was actually the focal point foe the spell to guide my spirit to its new home. 

Unfortunately my idiot son let his girlfriend wear it while they were fucking. When I died I ended up in her. My son doesn’t know about the swap. Now I have to figure out how to get him to marry me so I can regain control of my fortune. It’s pretty fucked up but I’ve always played the long game. I’m sure I will end up on top again. 



On one hand I’m angry that this witch bitch turned me into a girl after I complained that she wasn’t very good at sucking my cock. On the other hand it turns out I am an amazing cock sucker. She was so impressed that she said I could keep my new body. 

I’m so lucky. So many hot guys. So little time. 

I do wonder some times if she also messed with my mind though I’m pretty sure I’ve always worshipped cocks. 

Swap therapy


John and his girlfriend Katt were having some tough times and decided to get couples therapy. The therapist suggested they try swap therapy as a way of understanding each other better. 

John was reluctant at first but finally agreed. They still argue a lot but the swap has been good for their second life. John has even shown Katt some new tricks. His years of watching kinky porn are finally paying off. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Some action

My friends watched as our high school football captain, Steve, jumped into a convertible with three of the hottest cheerleaders in our school. I turned to my friends and said, “Damn! I wish we could get some of that action.”

Somehow my wish was granted though I have no idea how. My friends and I were transformed into those girls and that night we definitely got all the action we could hope for. Steve didn’t disappoint. 


“You’re my bitch!” John said as he bounced up and down on Steve’s cock. 

Steve used a wishing stone to transform his roommate into a hot chick who wanted to have sex with him. John became that girl and she did want to have sex with him. Steve didn’t expect John to be a dom who would make him the sub. It was humiliating but the sex was still good. 

100 percent

“Okay, you win!” cried John as Steve continued to pound his pussy. John moaned as he came fir a third time, his body shaking with pleasure. 

Earlier that night: John was tired of hearing his roommate Steve boast about his female conquests. Steve claimed that 100 percent of the women he had sex with came at least twice. John called bullshit. Steve asked he wanted to bet on whether he was right. John said he would be happy to bet but wondered how he would know for sure if Steve was right. 

Steve pulled out a magic coin. He told John to ask the coin to prove what he said was true. John asked the question and immediately turned into a girl. His anger turned to curiosity then to desire when he saw Steve’s cock. It didn’t take long before he knew that Steve was right. He came the first time in seconds and the second time a few minutes later. By the third time he could barely think straight but he was pretty sure that his was a bet worth losing. 

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Steve the protector

Steve was a bully in high school and an even bigger bully when John ran into him in college a couple years later. 

When John had had enough he went to a witch who was known for solving problems. She asked if John wanted Steve dead, turned into a frog or something else. John hated Steve but he didn’t want something too extreme. He also wanted to teach Steve a lesson. 

John eventually asked the witch to replace Steve the bully with Steve the protector. This would address any future bullies as well. The witch smiled and said done. 

The next morning John woke up to find Steve in his bed completely naked. John was now a girl. Nobody ever messes with John again for fear of Steve’s wrath. 

John no longer minded when Steve got rough. It felt good. She had him wrapped around her finger. 

Best app ever

“Are you licking my boob?” John asked. 

“It’s one of the challenges,” said Steve. “Should I stop?” John moaned which Steve took as a sign to keep going. 

John and his friend Steve downloaded a new sex app earlier that day. It promised wild sexual encounters for the adventurous. It required people to sign up in pairs but it didn’t say anything about the pair being a couple. 

They skipped over the legal stuff and started setting their preferences. They liked to say they were game for anything except gay sex. 

After they clicked start the room spun and suddenly they were in different bodies. John was a blonde woman and Steve was a black man. 

They weren’t able to change back until they completed some sex challenges. It was awkward at first but they were getting better all the time. Best app ever!


Silver lining


My young bride didn’t appreciate the prenuptial agreement I made her sign. I guess it was pretty one-sided. She would get 1 percent of my money for every year our marriage lasted. It also required her to keep in shape and give me all the sex I wanted. I could end the marriage for any reason but if she left me, she got nothing. 

It seems like a pretty good deal for me until she found a medallion that swapped our souls. Now I’m the one servicing his needs and hoping he doesn’t end the marriage before the first year is up. One percent of a billion dollars will be more than enough for me to regain my independence. And plot my revenge. 

The silver lining is the sex. It’s even better as a girl. 

On top

Never mess with a witch.  Everybody knows that but apparently I forgot. I was so annoyed that the new girl, Katt, scored higher than me in calculus, I made a stupid joke about how she was probably banging the teacher. You can imagine how well that turned out. Not that I’m complaining. He’s hung and I’m back on top in math class.