Monday, October 27, 2014



  1. Send me ideas for future caps! ♥ Katt ♥

  2. "... "You really think so, Steve?! Wait! You're just saying that because mine is the first pussy you've managed to nail in weeks," replied John as he scraped his friend's jizz from his pretty face and licked it off his manicure fingers, figuring, {'what the hell, it's already done!}.

    "Honestly, J-uh- Joan?! You seemed to appreciate your beautiful body more than most chicks do! And now you won't have to be my wing-man at the clubs any more! Besides, you were screaming how awesome it would be to try this spell again sometime, so I just figured, why wait," Steve said, slowly stroking his still-raging meat.

    "It does feel awesome having this body, but don't rush the "girlfriend" thing, dude! I'm still me inside and I'm still into chicks too so, maybe we can do the F.W.B. thing or find some honeys to have three-ways with, but remember one thing, Steve; Now that I have the pussy, I make the rules and I'm NOT your booty-call! You're my DO-Me-call!!!"

    Well, Katt, that's how I see this playing out. Hope you don't mind!!!